Happy Easter

Easter marks the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Hence, it stands as a highly important holiday in Christianity. So, all set to make Easter eggs & celebrate this holy holiday?

Creative Easter eggs

First, create a simple drying station with a sheet of styrofoam (1” thick) on a flat area & then dye the eggs. Make a grid of straight pins with ball heads. Make sure that the pins are 1 inch apart. This pin grid will impart a consistent colour to the eggs.

You can boil and dye the eggs. Just test an egg for dyeing purpose. Calculate the time while you dip the egg into the desired colour dye & observe it after few minutes. Check if it has acquired the colour as per your wish. If not, then dip it again for dyeing. Similarly, cover the other eggs in a colourful dye of your choice. But, you should boil and dye more than required. It will help you to tackle dye mishaps and decoration woes.

Midas Touch

At this stage, paint the eggs golden & let them experience a ‘Midas Touch.’ The gold marker, gold leaf pen & gold leaf are the golden-trio to beautify the eggs with a Midas Touch.

You can use a gold marker which is the easiest way to decorate the eggs. Though the shine of the eggs is absorbed by this method, it is a cost-saver. A gold leaf pen is a golden mean between gold marker and gold leaf. It is very trendy to use once you are familiar with it. It will give an enamel look & won’t take away the shine by getting absorbed in the egg shell. The gold leaf has an elegant & exclusive shine. It is more expensive than the other two. But, it is good for applying on broad spaces and for a long term too.

Egg painting styles

Right from dotted egg, gold nest egg to the fern egg all are fabulous painting styles.

For the dotted ones, draw random dots on the shell with equal & consistent distance between them.

ob_52e77e_dotted-easter-eggs1 (1)

While, you can draw simple, uneven, thin & thick lines to decorate the gold nest eggs.


The fern egg is one more funky style in which you can use the gold leaf pen to draw leaves on all the branches.


Happy Easter!


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