Enjoy The Magnetic Power

Do you want to make your refrigerator look exclusive? Then why not personalize & decorate it with funky magnets? These magnets are easy to make with available Knick knacks. So, get, set & magnet it!

You can craft out creative, fridge magnets from stamps, bling, artificial flowers, business cards etc. But, today, let us learn how to make stamped clay magnet & bling magnets.

Stamped clay magnet

stamped clay magnet

Materials needed:

Air dry paper clay

Rolling pin

Cookie cutters or craft knife

Rubber stamps

Clear acrylic sealer

Round button magnet

Hot glue


First of all, roll out the air hardening clay to 5 mm thickness. Yet, avoid making it too thin. Use a rubber stamp to imprint some designs into the clay. You may use ornate designs like buttons or brooches; pictures or symbols of animals, heart or star etc.

Punch out the shape of your magnets using a cookie cutter or craft knife. Try simpler shapes like heart, star, squares to get clear designs.

Let the clay dry. It may need several hours or overnight.

Use a fine sandpaper to smoothen away any ragged edges.

If you wish, then paint the piece with acrylic colours for an opaque finish. Let the paint dry up.

Later, you should seal the front and back of clay piece with a glossy sealer. First, seal the front, let it dry & then seal the back. As a result, your piece will last longer.

Now, spray it with a clear acrylic spray sealer. You may apply some Mod Podge over it instead of using paintbrush or foam brush.

Finally, glue a round magnet to the back of your clay piece using the hot glue.

Bling magnet

bling magnets

It is truly an exclusive, enticing & marvelous type of magnet. Right from glitters, pompoms toshiny rhinestones, showy jewellery pieces, you can use anything to make a bling magnet. So, get down to prepare this jazzy magnet!

Materials needed:

Glass, flat backed marbles/stones

Mod Podge



Paint brush

Glue Gun


At the outset, paint the flat back side of your marble with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

Later, dip the painted side into the glitter so as to stick it uniformly. Leave itto dry for approximately, 2 hours.

Further, glue gun on the magnet to the underside (the side where glitter has been applied). Thus, the reflection of the glitter will show through to the front.

And, there you are! All set to ‘magnetize’ your fridge.


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