Bag it!

What is the first thing that you do before rushing out of home? May be it is your bag that you will get hold of! Won’t you? So, you will want your bag to as special as you. Then, here’s a range of bags that you can carry along for outings.

Hand bag                                                                

 handbagsThese bags are to be carried by the wrist. They team up properly with Western semi formals and formals. Such a bag suits well for the formal scenario in your office & looks decent. You can take it to carry the office essentials.

Shoulder bag


shoulder bags

 It is slightly different from a hand bag. Yet, nowadays, it is usually opted for by women. It is made up of a single or double strap that goes over the shoulders. With the straps of medium length and two to three compartments, this bag is very versatile. You can wear it with any casual or semi formal clothes. You may carry it at a friend’s house party, evening walk, weekend getaway or for shopping too. And, you are off on the go!

Tote bag

tote bags

 Totes are a light, trendy type of bag to put all your things into! These bags are usually big ones which are made up of cloth or some other soft material. They are also available in the form of leather. Moreover, its sturdy parallel handles and the single spacious area, makes it easy to hold things in one place.

You can carry it for traveling on short trips, running daily errands, grocery shopping etc. You will look trendy if you wear casuals to suit the tote bag.

Laptop tote bag

laptop tote bags

 This is an amazing accessory which you will dote on forever. It frees you up from the clumsiness of carrying a hand bag & a laptop bag separately. Because, now you can hold your laptop & personal belongings into a combined one – the Laptop Tote Bag! So, bag it & be worry-free at work & while travelling!

The ‘clutch’ purse


 ‘Catch the clutch!’ Are you heading for a wedding or 5-star dinner party? Then, a clutch purse is a must-have to enhance your shiny look. It is a very compact, hand held purse which can hold money, cards, hanky and make – up kit. You may take it along when you wear a saree or any western outfit. It will make you look classy & fabulous too!

Thus, with all the bags at your selection, just bag anyone, any time & off you go!


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