DIY Baby Hat Sewing Pattern


Knitting is one of the highly creative arts. So, how about becoming one such artist? It is a true joy & pleasure to knit something. Won’t you knit a hat for your baby or any baby in your family? Here’s how to go about it!




At the outset, you should select the type of yarn. Since, you have chosen to knit a baby hat, select an extra-soft baby yarn. Also, select the yarn color preferably a variegated baby yarn. Its weight should be as per your need.


Now, get your needles out to knit well. What you should take care of before choosing needles?

  • Select the right needles.Many baby hat patterns require size 6 (4mm) needles.
  • If you are a beginner, then start with straight needles. The size of the loops in your hat will depend on needle size. The needles have metric and US sizes, so you may need to convert it.

How to knit?

  • Cast on your knittingby creating a row of loops on one of your needles.
  • Cast on 60 loops (in case of 4mm needles).
  • Hold your needles so that the left needle has the knitting on it, the needle points are facing away from you. And, the yarn is leaving the needle to the right, on the bottom side of the needle.

What next after casting on?

  • Knit a 5 inch swath (50 rows in case of fine baby yarn) using a basic knit stitch.
  • Hold the needle with the cast-on loops in your left hand and pass the needle in your right hand through the stitch & behind your left needle.
  • Wrap a loop of yarn counter-clockwise around the right needle point.
  • Pull the right needle off through the stitch on the left side, and push the top stitch off of the left needle. When you finish a row, change the needles to your other hand.

Tapering off

Taper off for the top of the hat. After knitting for about 5 inches, decrease the length of your knitting. Now start going through two stitches with your chosen needle. Then, continue the 2-stitch decrease until you have only one loop left on your needle.

The extras

Cut off the extra yarn. Leave a nice long tail of yarn for sewing the sides of the hat together.

And, you are ready with the baby hat!! Baby’s all set to wear it too!




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