Hold your magazines in one place

Are you looking out for some interesting crafts? Are you an exhaustive reader too? Even if you aren’t one, still here’s something special for you – A magazine holder! Hold all your magazines in one place.

But, how will you make it?

Gather some items like,

  • rectangular cereal box,
  • ruler and sharpie,
  • heavy duty scissors or exact-o knife,
  • mailing tape,
  • sand paper,
  • cut outs of pictures,
  • shelf liner,
  • electrical tape,
  • glue or mod podge

First things first!

First ensure that your cereal box will hold the magazines or books. Also check the height of your bookshelf & accordingly, cut the box shorter.

Cut the top flaps off the empty cereal box.

Get on to the craft!

  • Think of an attractive shape that you want for your magazine holder.
  • Then, draw that shape on the box with a sharpie and carefully cut it with an exact-o knife or heavy duty scissors.
  • If the bottom of the box is loose and coming apart, tape it together with a strong mailing tape.
  • Use pencil and ruler to draw a line from the middle of the box’s top to one side at a 45-degree angle, straight across the side and up the back at the same angle. Cut on this line.
  • Lightly sand the outside of the cereal box to smudge the shiny coating.
  • The paint will adhere to the box better if it is sanded first.


How beautiful will your holder look?

You can decorate your holder in a number of ways:

Either you can peel the decorative shelf liners (having an adhesive at its back) and stick it all around the sides;

Or spray the box with white paint;

Or apply white paint with a sponge brush. Let the paint dry for an hour. Two or more coats may be needed to cover the bright printing on most cereal boxes.

Finishing touches

If you have used shelf liners for all sides, then take a black, electrical tape and fold it over along the edges to complete the look.

Once it is done, stick a few attractive, colourful images on the magazine holder; or paint the box with sponges and stencils. You can also use any other embellishing methods like spray printing etc. to create a durable, useful holder.

Holder’s ready to use

And, your enticing, durable holder is ready to hold magazines



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