7 Attractive Tips For Christmas Decorations

The Merry Christmas is just round the corner. And, you need to prep up to celebrate it in the best way. Here are some interesting & attractive tips to make this Christmas a special one indeed!

Tip 1: If your tree is not pre-lit, then place lights on tree first. Use a bag of poly-fil batting to create fake snow. Place handfuls of poly-fil on the outer branches of the tree. It will instantly embellish the tree with a snowy, Christmas look & transform your home into a winter wonderland.



Tip 2: Before the ornaments, lace the Christmas tree with a ribbon. It will support the ornaments & restrict them from falling off the tree.



Tip 3: If you like the shimmery look, try smaller wire-based garlands with smaller pieces of foil cut like trees or stars. You may creatively place the glass icicles to specially make the Christmas tree shine & glorify.


Tip 4: An enticing topper will magnify the presence of an entire Christmas tree. Yet, choose a topper which suits the theme and look of your tree. It should also match the colour scheme of your home. A star, artificial flower, angel or holly leaves and berries will be a fabulous topper.


Tip 5: You will be excited to decorate underneath the tree. And, you would want the gifts to be seen under it, right? Then, a tree collar is the best option. You may also use a Christmas throw to make the tree look marvelous.

A tree collar or throw looks elegant & makes the gifts visible too!


Tip 6: A scented Christmas tree is an endearing & fragrant idea, isn’t it? So, why not use scentsicles to make your tree smell like Christmas?

The aroma of scentsicles will leave a long lasting mark in your Christmas memories. These are made from natural, sustainably managed paper products composed of pure, all-natural essential oils. They have a lovely smell and are safe to use.

A fragrant touch of cinnamon and orange zest or fragrant pine is best for your tree. Any fragrance of your choice will give a superb finishing touch to the tree!!


Tip 7: It is perfectly fine if you do not have a Christmas tree or lack the space for it. Buy a miniature tree or just the top, put it in a planter and let it sit on the console table. A tiny tree will be an accessory for an entryway or the hallway.


Merry Christmas!!





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