Up above the wall so high!

Are you a home décor enthusiast? Does the idea of hand painting walls or sticking mesmerizing wall papers or vintage wall décor drive you crazy? Then why not try it out at your home?

Thematic, vintage walls

Any theme of your choice will be amazing for wall décor. How about getting a movie theater feel for your walls? Sounds filmy? Yes, it is!


This is the look of your room in the avatar of a movie theater. The red and brown look is interesting. This colour scheme appears more casual and friendly. You can find some old film reels online to hang on the walls for a vintage look.


Another theme is that of wall plates. You can get different plates in a market on saneswap.com. If you arrange the plates in different patterns then your walls will turn out into a diverse scenario. For example, plates of the shape of sea fish or of decorative glass will enliven the walls. Also, hanging the plates into a square, diamond or star shape will beautify the walls.


A wall of grouped mirrors is a robust & vintage theme. You must be having lots of old mirrors gathering dust in some corner. Why not reinvent its look & present it in a fashionable way on your idle walls? You only have to group some designer mirrors like gold & silver mirrors, starburst, round & convex mirrors. Once you gather all, place them creatively on the wall. And, there you are with a ‘shiny, classy’ looking, interactive wall.

Since ‘Merry Christmas’ being round the corner, a Christmas Tree wall decor is a more ‘merry’ concept.


Fetch small, funky, colourful gift items for Christmas theme. Take small items like stars, balls, stockings etc. from your goodies! Place them specifically into the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall & welcome Santa!!

Apart from these themes, a wall paper is perfectly exotic to beautify your walls.

It plays an important role in order to match your furniture set & wall colour too. You can paint the walls of one color that matches with the rest of the home décor. You can paint one wall of a different color to create a contrast or use an attractive wallpaper. It glorifies a certain portion or entire wall if you wish to do so. Not only this but also a wallpaper speaks volumes about your personality.



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