The Gaming Mania

PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 & much more! Rather, many more would add up rapidly with the gaming mania. But, you don’t want it to be a mess. So, let us know some storage techniques for safety of your gaming consoles.

First of all, your digital buddies should be stored in a clean place. Also, they should be kept away from dark corners, intense sunlight etc.

Hold it in style

Finally, here’s a list of safe, sturdy & reliable storage places for your games.

Shelf: The shelf is a very open place that would definitely allow for maximum airflow. It would avoid the games from getting heated up after a long play time.


Don’t cram lots of cases to avoid damage. You should leave some space between the DVDs while storing them.

Home entertainment stand: It is another sturdy way of storing your most precious gaming consoles & its paraphernalia. The stand has lots of spacious compartments. As a result, you can store every single accessory separately and carefully.


You can ramp up the beauty of the entertainment stand as shown above. You can design it with your creative sense in a thematic fashion. It will look more attractive & stylish to store your games.

Wall rack: It helps you to creatively place your games and accompanying accessories. All the holders, controllers along with gaming consoles remain spaced out though in one place. The wall rack displays a systematic & organized look. Further, you can selectively choose from the range of games at a single glance.


 Storage tower


A storage tower is another stylish yet organized manner of storing your games. It helps you stack the games with enough spaces. Despite of stacking the games, they have their separate area; it is desirable to store games in such an innovative way. It makes your storage space look attractive and simultaneously takes care of the Xbox as well. Even when you unstuck the games for playing, you can put them back appropriately. It adds to the long shelf life of the games.

DIY storage unit


A DIY storage unit is a very innovative, funky yet cost-saving option of storing the gaming consoles. It helps you to develop a storage unit as per your requirement. The storage unit shown above is actually an old mini refrigerator. It has been developed into a cute, attractive storage space for games. You too can try it out for your games. It will save your time and money to buy an altogether separate, storage cabinet or shelf


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