‘Potted’ fantasies – A decorative touch for your ceramics


How about a living room which is glorified with painted pots? It is very interesting, isn’t it? The ceramics like vases, coasters, plates, jars, mugs on dining table usually embellish your living room. The ceramic name plates & pot danglers too are interesting to decorate your living room. Then, get on to enhance your old ceramics with numerous yet choicest and beautiful designs.

Some painted motifs, mosaics, acrylic paints, engraving will work best to embellish the ceramic pieces.

Painted ceramic


Before you start, quickly collect some interesting materials like a ceramic pot, plastic cone, texture white colour, acrylic gloss medium, a design, carbon paper, pencil, oil paints and brushes.

Creative steps:

  • Take a ceramic pot & clean it thoroughly,
  • Trace the design on the pot using carbon paper,
  • Draw an outline of the design with a cone containing texture white colour,
  • Wait till outline dries,
  • Paint the design with choicest oil paints,
  • Let it dry for 2-3 days,
  • After drying, apply acrylic gloss medium on the pot. The glossy finish truly makes it last long.

The same steps can help you paint the plates, vases, coasters, jars etc. And, you are ready to boast an endearing living room with painted ceramics!

Art of engraving


Take a chinagraph pencil, scrap ceramic pieces, eye & ear protection, dust mask, dremel drill with flex shaft, drill bits in various sizes, ceramic glaze & a paintbrush.

Creative steps:

  • Draw an outline of the design to be engraved on the ceramic. Mark the design with a chinagraph pencil. A name or the most beautiful design can be outlined as you like.
  • Choose the drill bits to use as per your design. The smallest bits can make fine lines, while larger bits can fill in the shapes or help draw thick lines.
  • Attach a flex shaft to the drill. It easily engraves and allows greater flexibility of motion.
  • Before engraving, wear an eye, ear and mouth protection. So that you are protected from breathing dust particles of the ceramic.
  • Press evenly to make the designs. Draw the tool carefully with a depth of about 1/8th of an inch over the ceramic. It is enough to create a visible impression.
  • Cover the engraved design with ceramic glaze to protect from dirt and grease. Heat the ceramic piece in the oven for an hour to allow the glaze to set.

And, you are all set to deck up your living room!



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