Style It Yourself – An Innovative Initiative

Want to make your jewellery look more attractive for festive occasions? Wish to deck up your home décor for family occasions? Then, there are specialized and informative blogs to help you out. We, at Saneswap present different blogs to help you prepare and decorate different accessories and daily items. For example, we will provide lots of DIY, easy tips for decorating your jewellery, clothes, home décor by using tit bits from home.

Here is a whole deck of DIY sessions for you!


It is all about knitting, sewing & beautifying your accessories. Our blogs will help you get creative with minimum material. They offer ideas to beautify the items that you already have or knit new ones altogether. It includes weaving colourful designs for your woolen caps, hats, scarves, sweaters & socks too. Thus, you can create really attractive, funky & trendy materials at home.



This area offers very quick and easy-to-make recipes. You can prepare yummy, lip-smacking food items at home, right from desserts to soups. So, a skillfully made, delicious spread awaits you eagerly. Then, why not beautify it even more in food bowls, mugs, plates & cups?


Design jewellery

It has all beautifying accessories like bangles, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, armlets etc. If you have jewellery which has turned dull then design it newly again. You can use different jazzy strings, wool, felt pens etc. to make your jewellery look exceptional. And…you are ready to hang out, party or go on a date with exotic jewellery!


Home Décor

Want to add glitter and glory to your home very creatively? Then here’s a blog to show DIY ideas for home décor like wall hanging, photo frames, baskets, vase, cushions etc. A newly designed or hand painted frame will help you relive fond memories; a well decorated pillow cover will make you dream wonders when you sleep.

As a result, such DIY items make your home fancy & welcoming.



It has a lot in store for you – Right from jazzy explode boxes to fabulous photo frames! You can prepare creative photo frames to cherish memories. While, explode boxes are an enticing way to gift your buddies or invite relatives!



Wish to look special and decked up for your next party or date? It shows all those styles and fashions to wear any special outfit. You can flaunt a scarf, pair of sandals or heels in a unique fashion. The blogs in this category has special tips to look prim & proper for any outing.








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